Types of Kilims

Types of Kilims
October 18, 2017 Nasrin
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Types of Kilims

Produced in many geographical locations, Kilims have captured various traditions and cultures of the human being in themselves. Their recorded history goes back to a few hundred years before the Christ was born. While it was mainly used as a sort of rug for nomadic people, it gradually developed to a multipurpose handicraft with a range of applications. Also, it’s artistic values has been taken more seriously over the centuries. What we know today is that while some general patterns are identifiable in these artefacts, the combinations of elements and the colours are the means of improvisation for the kilim artist.

Hotamis Kilim, central Anatolia, early 19th century.

Researchers findings along with what we have in the market show that while all kilims can be listed under the category of tapestry rugs, their style, use, and materials are not necessarily the same. Their thickness, flexibility, and colours determine their suitability for different sorts of applications. It’s why some kinds of kilims are used more commonly in practical products such as rugs or bags, and some are used more in decorative products or garments.

These variations led to a categorisation of different kilims based on the region they come from. Taking Persia (Iran), Balkans (eastern Europe), and Anatolia (Turkey) as the main homelands of Kilim their different types can be listed as below:

Persia (Iran):

Ordinary Kilims, Gunny kilim, Suzāni kilim, Needlework kilim, Jol, Palās, Jājim, Zilu, Rakht-e-khāb pich, Charkhi-bāf kilim, Khorjin, Gilimcheh, Masnads, Navār-chādor, Sajādeh, Ghigh, Rah Rah, Kamoo Sofreh

Anatolia (Turkey):

Cicim or Jijim or Jajim

Balkans and Eastern Europe:

Chiprovski Kilim

Pirot Kilim

Kilim: Today

While kilim is being used in traditional ways, it gained new functionalities over the last couple of decades. New and vintage kilims are used by artisans to give a unique look and sensitivity to our everyday products. Bags, cushions and other elements of modern house can improve with a touch of kilim. Have a look at this beautiful cushion. Imagine how different your living room would be with such a magnificent colour combination and unique pattern.

types of kilim - Cushions online

Megan Vintage Kilim Cushion Cover

If you are interested in elevating your interior design you need to read our dedicated article on it: A Comprehensive Guide to Cushion Covers.

Bages and specifically women’s bags are another type of everyday things that got a new taste when designers utilise kilim in their production. Clara backpack is one of our new arrivals. Have a look at its unique look and vintage design.

types of kilim - Women's bags onlineClara backpack

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