The benefits of naturally-made, large floor cushions

The benefits of naturally-made, large floor cushions
July 20, 2018 Nasrin
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Handwoven Vintage Kilim Khaki Stripe Floor Cushion

Rest your head on a faux suede, cushion floor pillow,

Filled with hypoallergenic fibre.

It’s 8.00PM. You’re sprawled out on the couch watching your favourite TV show. It’s been a long day and that’s all you want to do, for hours. You’re cosy, with your face resting on one of your large floor cushions.

That pillow should be non-toxic and nice on your skin. The best way to ensure this is by purchasing large floor cushions that are naturally made.

Think about how long your face is in contact with that cushion. If your skin is prone to sensitivities, using a product that’s synthetically made can agitate your body. Some materials contain herbicides, pesticides and chemicals. It’s not only bad for your skin but also the lungs. It will be uncomfortable and can potentially cause skin reactions. You’ll be irritated and unable to get comfortable.

With your lounge area being a sacred, relaxing spot that should make you feel calm, investing in quality, natural cushions are key. Consider your ‘relaxing’ style and how you use the cushion. Do you usually rest your neck and the back of your head on it, or maybe your side? This might help guide your buying decision.


Handmade, one of a kind cushions that tell a story,

You can ‘feel’ the maker behind each piece

Our cushions are natural and created with hand-woven fabrics.

The price includes beautiful handmade cushion covers, however, not the postage. See how amazing this feels and looks in your living space. Please note, Lotus Handicrafts accepts credit cards, delivers Australia wide and provides great customer service. If you have any questions regarding our floor cushion covers or you’d like to discuss any allergies or concerns you have, let’s talk.

Experience the Lotus difference. Our cushions are the meeting place of style, health, and comfort.

Visit our magnificent collection of cushions at Lotus Handicraft. We deliver worldwide and as quick as you want!

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