Kilim Products in Fashion Industry and Interior Design

Kilim Products in Fashion Industry and Interior Design
September 20, 2017 Nasrin
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Interior Design With Cushion Kilim

Fashion Industry and Interior Design

Kilims are basically flat tapestry carpets. And while  they are generally used as floor rugs, they can  be used merely decoratively as well. Kilim fabrics’ unique characteristics ‒ their flexibility and endless colour combinations and design patterns ‒ have made them an ideal choice to be used in making other sorts of products as well. In the last two decades, for example, kilim have been used more and more in producing cushions, ottomans, bags, and other accessories. The striking patterns and colour combinations in kilims have brought a fresh spirit to contemporary styles and interior designs.

Kilim products in fashion industry and interior design
Kilim products in fashion industry and interior design

Kilim in Fashion Design

With their limitless colour variations and distinctive patterns, kilim fabrics provide fantastic options for designing fashion items and accessories by adding a vintage or traditional touch to contemporary fashion styles.

Producers are now using kilim in wall hangings, keychains, and many other products. In particular, being such a durable material, kilim bags  are becoming a popular accessory. And made in combination with leather kilim bags become even more durable,  and add a whole other character to the final product. Stylish, unique and durable, leather and kilim bags are not only practical; they can also be used for all occasions and in concert with a wider range of outfits.

Kilim fabrics can be used as a primary decorative material in designing just about any type of bag, from backpacks to clutches, satchels, handbags, crossbody bags, wallets, bucket bags, cosmetic bags, duffle bags and totes.


Kilim in Interior Design

Kilim rugs are probably among the first carpets ever to be produced and used by humans, and today a new chapter is being written in their already long history, with more and more people in the last decade using kilim products to decorate their modern interior living spaces. With their simple but striking designs and unique palette of colour combinations, the addition of a kilim can bring warmth, liveliness and inspiration  to any interior ‒ whether a home or office ‒ and effortlessly complement other furniture elements. Kilim cushions and ottomans are proving especially popular too because of the added comfort they provide. And with so many patterns and colours combinations available, finding a piece that fits perfectly with the rest of your furniture is a breeze!

Kilim products in fashion industry and interior design

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