How floor cushions can transform your living space

How floor cushions can transform your living space
July 20, 2018 Nasrin
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To inject a unique sense of style in your interior

Large floor cushions are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of your personality, without spending thousands. There’s a misconception that interior design has to be involved and expensive. When a few small touches can go a long way.

If you love the minimalist look, throwing a colourful mandala floor cushion (or two) on the top of your sofa can add a whole new dimension to the space. And by purchasing through our floor cushions Australia online store, you can access one of a kind, handmade pieces. Every item has its own story and no two cushion covers are the same.


Beautiful Middle Eastern floor cushion covers.

Cushions are art that can be moved to suit your mood (or week). They blend aspects of decoration and furnishings. They’re simple and convenient additions that can change the ambience of a room, instantly.

With unique, handmade products, like ours, you know these cushion floor pillows aren’t in hundreds of other homes – emphasising the style ‘story’ in your home.

Cushions double as design pieces, as well as products that make your life at home more comfortable. Add them to your lounge set and use them to relax, watching TV, reclining, reading and eating. The beauty of cushions is that they can be used in just about every room. Your office, bedroom, kid’s room (sit on them as you watch them play), the kitchen bar stools or dining room table. One thing’s for sure: you’re going to want to put this decorative product out in the open for all to see.

In your search for ‘floor cushions Australia’, think about where you could put them, how many you need, and the sizes, colours and tones that will compliment your furniture and home layout.

Visit our magnificent collection of cushions at Lotus Handicraft. We deliver worldwide and as quick as you want!


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