Everything you need to know about designer handbags

Everything you need to know about designer handbags
December 10, 2018 Nasrin
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Your designer handbags Australia buying guide

Ladies, if you have to pick one accessory you need to make clothes an ‘outfit’, what would it be? While some heel-loving women will say shoes, most will reach for the designer handbags Australia. Are we right? Thought so.

The designer handbag is more than just an accessory. It makes a statement. Whether it’s a cross-body bag, shoulder bag, clutch or any other design, it doesn’t matter. The designer bags you choose, (because it’s okay to have more than one) to add to your wardrobe will depend on your personal taste and style.

But when your love for luxury handbags is strong, it can be hard to choose between the wide range of designs. This is why we’ve prepared this mini ‘designer handbags Australia’ guide, to make sure you don’t need to ask your partner for a new wardrobe just for bags.  

And who are we? Lotus Handicrafts, a designer handbags Australia company specialising in handmade, bohemian bags. We love carefully-curated handbags too, so much so that we make them every day for Australians, just like you.


Ready to go shopping? Always. But before you do, read this.


What is the most popular handbag for women?

The most commonly worn handbag? That’s a hard question, but we’re going to try to answer it. Like we mentioned before, there are different types of bags such as cross-body, shoulder, totes, backpacks, and clutches. To be honest, it all comes down to your personal preference for which handbag you choose.

Think about how your lifestyle and what your days look like. Are you looking for a bag to wear out to special occasions and evening events? Maybe you prefer a ‘day bag’ – something to take to the shops, gym, coffee dates and little trips. Look at your needs and let this guide your choice of handbags. You’ll probably settle on a tote bag, satchel bag or cross-body bag with a strap.

They’re certainly our most popular handbag styles. Here are a few products for you to look at: Clara Backpack, Allison Tote Bag, Saba Leather Bucket Bag, Amelia Cross Body Bag, and the Ella Afghan Kilim Leather Clutch.

designer handbags Australia - Lotus Handicraft

Clara Backpack

Should I buy designer ladies handbags online?

Now you know what popular types of bags are available, you’ll probably begin searching for ‘designer handbags Australia’ on Google. Or at least, that’s what you’re thinking of doing. You might be weighing up whether to look for your new bag in stores or online. The great thing is, you have both options.

We do suggest you hunt for designer women’s handbags online, at least to see which types of styles appeal to you. If you’re concerned about buying your bag on a website based on a photo, don’t be. There’s a simple fix. Whichever online store you buy from, make sure you’re covered under a returns policy, if you don’t love the bag (or the quality) once you get it.

The two main benefits of buying your designer handbag online are bypassing the retail mark-up and having a global store range to choose from. And if you shop with an Australian online store that features unique products, you get the best of both worlds – handbag styles you love, purchased with local customer support.


This is exactly what we do at Lotus – Middle Eastern-inspired handbags from an Australian online store.


What brand is the best for a woman’s handbag?

Again, this will come down your personal style. While some women need high-end, designer labels that everyone knows, like Gucci or Louis Vuitton others prefer boutique, independent brands. Usually the top-end designer labels cost thousands of dollars, and there’s millions of the same style made. While the brand carries prestige the bag, itself, doesn’t always match this.

Now, let’s look at those boutique brands.

They’re usually handmade with love, from the designers themselves (not in some factory on the other side of the world). Plus, there’s fewer of these luxury boutique handbags because of this. Buying an independent label, you won’t be wearing something that millions of other women already are. It won’t be some catalogue purchase that you might spot other women in the street with.

Your handbag isn’t the earrings you’ll choose to wear today. It’s not a disposable purchase. When you select a designer handbag, you know it’s going to be a staple, statement piece of your wardrobe. You’ll use it every day. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at the different options.

Do you want to spend thousands on a designer high-end brand that’s selling you a ‘name’… or choose one that allows you to express your personal style? We know which one of we’d prefer.


What is the best site for handbags online?

Well, this is really an extension of the previous question (and how you answered it). If you type in designer handbags Australia, you’re going to find more options than you know what to do with. Talk about choice paralysis. But the number of options isn’t what’s in question. Rather, the quality of the pieces you’re looking for.

Some of the biggest websites where you can find handbags include eBay and Amazon. Then, there are major artisan websites such as Etsy. And we can’t forget the individual handbag brand stores. But you’ll see, if you search for ‘designer handbags Australia’, dozens of third-party websites and blogs, selling or talking about the handbag brands.

Out of all these options, we prefer one the best: Etsy. Guess why? Because it supports local artists and crafts people. We suggest that whenever you’re shopping for items online, especially in your ‘designer handbags Australia’ search, always explore independent websites. Your purchases will go straight to the designers and makers, rather than those international brands that just see you as another number.

What’s more, with independent brands, you’re a valuable customer. And you get to wear a handbag that complements your style, rather than changes it (to follow the latest fashion trend).  


Where can I buy good quality bags online?

You can find premium-made handbags, clutches, satchels and totes by looking for independent stores. Take the time to explore various websites and see which brand story you connect with the deepest. Are they based in Australia? Do you like their handbags and other products? What’s their returns policy look like? Is it easy to understand? What about shipping? Will you pay that or does the company have a special set-up in place for that?

These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself as you’re navigating the, at times, overwhelming, ‘designer handbags Australia’ search. You’ll be able to get a sense of the store’s style, vibe, customer service and the type of handbag products they offer – just give yourself the time to do this.

If you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, this also helps. For example, “I’d like a leather designer handbag that I can use at night for dinners, parties and special occasions. I want to buy from an Australian store that sell unique designs. I have a budget of $200.”

Something like these three sentences can help keep you on track when you see dozens, maybe hundreds, of bags that you could potentially wear.  


Where can I get affordable but nice handbags?

Two words: Lotus Handicrafts. Of course, there’s plenty of other independent luxury handbag designers, but we’d love for you to check out our pieces. We’ll tell you a little but more about our brand below, but here’s a link to our on-sale page, so you can pick up a bargain.

designer handbags Australia - Lotus Handicraft


About Lotus Handicrafts – the Australian store with Middle Eastern designs

We hope we’ve answered some of your questions about the designer handbags Australia market. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you have millions of options. But, as we’ve outlined, it’s about unique quality not ‘name’ quantity.

When you’re buying a designer handbag, you expect a premium quality. Fortunately, with Lotus Handicrafts, you won’t have to part with thousands of dollars to get it. You’re buying luxury in the style it exudes and because if you choose a well-made product, it’ll last for years.

Your luxury Lotus handbag will be a worthwhile investment.

Lotus Handicraft handbags are hand-made and well-made, so they’ll maintain their high quality for years. You won’t have to part with a month’s pay cheque to afford it, either. And we haven’t even got to our favourite part.


Your Lotus Handicraft bag will be the only one in the world


Yes, you’ll be the only woman wearing your handbag. How and why, you’re thinking? Because we tailor-make every single product in our range. For example, there’s our new Lilian Leather Cross Body Bag. We’ve used genuine leather to create this piece. It’s sleek, with beautiful touches to it, like the mustard-colour stitching. Wear this bag to dress up an outfit or, if you just need to rush out for the day and need something smallish. The adjustable (and detachable) leather shoulder strap makes it double as a clutch.

You can learn more about our story and how we endeavour to turn each piece into an artistic expression – something that’s stylish, individual and appeals to Australians. Every Lotus designer handbag is a one-of-a-kind creation, that highlights the striking Middle Eastern material, Kilim. If you want to learn more about the history of Kilim, check out this resource.


Go ‘shopping’ through our new products and see if any of them take your fancy. You’ll feel the unique energy of the each product through the pictures… that translates onto you, the moment you’re wearing it.

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