Low-cost interior design ideas for your home

Low-cost interior design ideas for your home
August 19, 2018 Nasrin
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You don’t have to refinance just to decorate,

There’s affordable design components, like adding couch cushions.


There’s a misconception that interior home design is expensive. And that visually enhancing your home, needs to be extravagant. But there are plenty of little touches that you can make, such as buying a set of new couch cushions, that you can do anytime. These small design tweaks can make a big impact.


Cushions, canvas, side tables & re-paint


For your couch cushions, choose handmade, one of a kind pieces to add a uniqueness to the space. You’ll notice the difference between a beautiful handstitched cushion versus a chain store product, both visually and the texture.


Keep your colour palette in mind when you’re thinking about the product. Get in a visual headspace (about the whole space) when you’re on the hunt for the statement design items.


Hanging printed canvases is another way to brighten a room. You could choose a set of three or four small pieces, or one large piece. Consider what you want the room to ‘say’ or the feeling you’d like it to embody.


You can also re-paint the walls for a fresh touch and think of cool ways to do standard things. For example, stack modular storage units to make a stepped coffee table that you can also rest your books in. This style looks cool and introduces a nice touch to the space.


When it comes to design, there’s no right or wrong. It’s completely subjective.  The great thing about introducing little design touches is that they’re easy to update and move around. You’re not stuck to that look, unlike when you make big (expensive) changes.


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