Boho Cushions: Use them they way you should

Boho Cushions: Use them they way you should
August 19, 2018 Nasrin
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Quick design tips for a boho-themed interior

Colourful boho cushions, wall hangings & plants,

A lot of colour can go a long way.


Call it boho, gypsy, hippie, colourful or worldly, this interior design theme is in. You only need to scroll through Instagram to get inspired by all the beautiful, boho-styled rooms. It’s hard not to get impressed with all the colour this interior theme embodies.

A mix of colours, warm lighting and tasteful products make boho designs beautiful.


First, start with boho cushions. Natural, handmade products are the best option because they integrate well with this theme. When you’re selecting your boho cushions, think about how they can match the sofa, bedspread or office look. It depends where you’re going to place them first.


Just know, vintage cushions can easily be moved around your house to create a variety of new ambient spaces. If there’s a room you want to bring to life but you don’t know how, updating your cushion covers is a simple, cost-effective way to do this.


Stunning bohemian homes.


Love art? Consider adding a few statement pieces to your walls. You could hang a beautiful tapestry in your bedroom or even outside, behind the table (that’s protected from the weather). With boho designs, you can never have too many plants.


Fairy lights are another, charming design touch. You’ll see these a lot in boho, gypsy-style rooms. Oh, and lots of natural light. Over all interior design ideas, boho is the one that celebrates nature and the world we live in. Travel much? Pull out that trinket or painting that you brought home with you.


Whether you’re looking for boho cushions or the cover only, you’re going to love decorating with our, one of a kind, pieces. Your ‘cushions Australia’ search stops here.



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